Your Ezytrack unit keeps an accurate journal regardless of where you go.

It may cost a bit more, but finally there is a tracking system that I can access directly, and it pinpoints the position of my vehicles on an ongoing basis.
Shaun V
Thanks to EzyTrack, we've managed to stay in complete control of our small logistics fleet, as well as save costs in many areas.
Megan D

At EzyTrack we use units which are fully implemented fleet management systems.
This gives you the complete confidence that with this turnkey solution your fleets are kept managed.
What makes us different?
  • Live Tracking
  • It is real live tracking of the unit with pin point accuracy
  • Over speeding is captured and can be notified immediately
  • Google Maps® are utilised for accurate and up to date maps
  • Quick navigation
What we track?

We primarily service plumbers, electricians and companies with small fleets. We also service individuals and small car/motorcycle hire companies.

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